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Zacharia Roofing was started by my father in Philadelphia around 1940 so I (Brad Zacharia) have been in the roofing business all my life. I have seen a lot of roofs, companies, and people come and go. I follow the rule that if you don't cheat people they will beat a path to your door. There would be no need to advertise. The customers will do that for you. This rule has served me well. 

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Drexel University and this also gets used in designing roof systems or trying to figure out leaks or problems that others can't. I get a challenge out of trying to solve a roofing problem that has stumped others.

I like to teach others about roofing and freely give out information even though I won't get paid for it. I might tell someone how to fix their roof knowing that I won't get the job if they fix it themselves.

One of my passions is flying (I guess I like heights) and also own Via Air Flight School at Northeast Phila Airport. Interested in Flying? If so click here for



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